Well Construction

Miller Well Drilling offers a low “per-foot” price, or our Guaranteed Water* program, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your water system, whatever your need.

  • Lead drilling technician has almost 30 years experience with our company!
  • Whenever possible, casing is grouted from the bedrock to the surface, virtually eliminating any chance of surface water inclusion
  • Miller Well Drilling is GROWING!

    PRESS RELEASE April 17, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Miller Well Drilling Acquires Hayesville Well Drilling Hayesville, NC –   Miller Well Drilling is excited to announce the recent acquisition of Hayesville Well Drilling and looks forward to bringing their 35 plus years of Water System Management Experience to the dedicated client base that Hayesville Well…

  • Well Houses, Remotes, and Buried Systems

    When we talk to clients about a new well, many of them want to know “just how big-a-what’s-it” is going to be visible in their front yard. A good friend used to say “on a galloping horse, who cares?”, but still… we try to make things as pretty as our clients would like. We have…