Certified Water Systems

  • Constant Pressure Controller

    Allows pump to cycle at lower speed, rather than “chocking off” flow rate, reducing stress on the pump motor.

  • CHSP Ultra Surge Suppressor

    Warrants all electrical components against lightning damage.


    Quality Brass Check Valves

    Help maintain water column in drop pipe, reducing stress on pump motor.

Sand Filter

Sand Filter

Prevents sand from entering pump, protecting pump end and all well components from unnecessary grit damage.

  • Neutral and Ground are Not the Same Thing

    Sometimes when we convert an existing water system to a Certified Water System, we run into some problems with the electrical service. When we are upgrading electrical (installing a sub-panel for a surge suppressor or electrical receptacle to run a heat tape) the neutral cannot be connected to a ground lug at the remote location.…

  • Surge Suppressor

    Surge Suppression on Water Wells

    For years, we used lightning arrestors on our standard well systems- we still do, sometimes. They are essentially springs that are designed to grab a lightning strike and make it burn itsself out in the coil, rather than in the pump or motor control.

  • Project of the Week 10/15/14, Vinings (Atlanta) Well Upgrade

    In Atlanta, Municipal water rates have gone up 47% in a 3-year period. This huge jump in prices, along with the continuing water wars between Georgia and its neighbors and periodic droughts, leave customers not only paying more than just about anyone in the nation to water their yards, it also threatens their ability to…