Startling Infographic Highlights Looming Global Water Crisis

On the heels of 2014 World Water Day (March 22), a new infographic from the World Bank and its partners shows the disturbing link between water and energy, and how current trends will affect supplies in the near future.

For example, by the year 2035, energy consumption is projected to increase by 35%, which is expected to increase water consumption by 85%.  As with every other sector, the trend of energy and manufacturing using so much water must be curbed, or clean potable water will become so expensive that it is out of reach for all but the wealthy (and, in our clients’ case- the well owners).

From their site: “The tradeoffs between energy and water have been gaining international attention in recent years as demand for both resources mount and governments continue to struggle to ensure reliable supply to meet sectoral needs. As almost all energy generation processes require significant amounts of water, and water requires energy for treatment and transport, these two resources are inextricably linked. This relationship is the energy-water nexus.”

You can read the full report here.


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Rob Miller

Rob's background in Environmental Horticulture and the green industry, as well as time working as a Legislative Aide and Private Property Rights Advocate at the Georgia General Assembly, informs his unique perspective on metro Atlanta water issues, as well as water and its management as a global issue.