Project of the Week 10/22/14: A Simple Repair You Can Do Yourself!

Last week, there was a rash of electrical storms that ripped through our service areas. These wreaked havoc on systems, such as this one, that were not protected by Surge Suppressors.

Some had real damage, others just tripped the reset. This Roswell Event Center was fortunate to be in the latter category.

Although we show our clients how to do this when we “hand them the keys”, and we include info on simple troubleshooting in the well packet we leave with them, sometimes things get lost, owners are out of town and maybe panicking about what’s going on, and we get called out to do what might have been done by someone on site in the first place.

These trips are expensive for everyone. To that end, we present this simple reminder:

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About the Author

Rob Miller

Rob's background in Environmental Horticulture and the green industry, as well as time working as a Legislative Aide and Private Property Rights Advocate at the Georgia General Assembly, informs his unique perspective on metro Atlanta water issues, as well as water and its management as a global issue.