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Out Of Water Repair in Alpharetta, GA

Pressure Tank Replacement

We were called in for an out of water emergency in Alpharetta, GA.  The well had not been serviced in some time.  We did a 10 point inspection and diagnosis and discovered that the pressure tank was bad, the control box needed replacing, the metal fittings were all galvanized and needed to be replaced and that they needed some water filtration to control sediment.  The renovations and replacements took about 4.5 hours and at the end of the day they were back in water with a better set up.

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Jonathan Miller


Jonathan Miller is the President of Steadfast Inc. DBA Miller Well Drilling. He is a college graduate and holds various licenses in water related fields including NC Certified B-Well and C-Distribution for Water Systems Operations, Certified in Well Drilling and Pump Installation for North Carolina, Licensed and Bonded in Georgia for Pump Installation, NC Licensed Utility Contractor, NC Electrical Contractor SPWP Licensed.


  1. So basically everything involved with this tank was in need of repair. Sounds like quite the job, but is 4.5 hours a long time or relatively quick? Without comparison I am not sure here, but it sounds short to me (in a good way!). Great work.