Certified Water Systems and Managed WellCare

From Heating and Air companies to Car Dealerships, many service companies these days offer preventative maintenance programs that should extend the life of their customers’ equipment.  These programs often have a regular billing cycle and scheduled visits to keep the managed systems in top working order.

But not many of them will stand behind their work like we do:

Lifetime Warranty ImageMiller Well Drilling provides an option for a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all manufacturer-warranted components, including all parts and labor to perform the repair, to all our newly-constructed Certified Water System clients.

When we build a Certified Water System, we install additional redundant components to help give us the assurance that the water system will last as long as possible.  These include:

  • Quality Brass Check ValveStainless Steel fittings and pipe wherever metal is needed and brass will not suffice
  • US-Brass (no lead) fittings, including center-post check valves at 200′ intervals for the length of the drop pipe to take back-pressure off the well pump
  • Double-Jacketed flat subcable to reduce damage due to chaffing
  • Surge SuppressorHeat tape and insulated covers to protect all exposed pipe from freezing
  • a Proprietary “Pump Saver” well sleeve that removes grit before it can damage the pump impellers
  • Surge Suppression systems to clean up power and protect system from lightning damage
  • Dry well and Rapid Cycle override protection systems to shut off water system before pump is damaged from an unforseen problem

Managed WellCare clients receive (3) service visits per year: (2) filter services and (1) 23-Point Inspection.  We give the service to our new construction clients for the first year, then they are billed quarterly for the remainder of the service contract.  They are never under any obligation to continue the service, and we are happy to show them how to “DIY” their well maintenance program if they so choose.

Even if we did not build your well, we are happy to convert your existing water system to a Certified Water System and offer the same guarantee.  The first year is not free, and if we do not pull the pump, we will not warrant the downhole for that first year’s service.  Also, when the pump is eventually pulled, those clients will be responsible to purchase the PumpSaver.

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Rob's background in Environmental Horticulture and the green industry, as well as time working as a Legislative Aide and Private Property Rights Advocate at the Georgia General Assembly, informs his unique perspective on metro Atlanta water issues, as well as water and its management as a global issue.