b0nUs cReEPy wELL (2014)

We were called out today to look at a possible well abandonment at a Dunwoody, GA bank-owned new construction homesite.

The builder is having some trouble with a neighbor, who gave the last developer on this street such a tough time that he finally had to get a restraining order (scary, right?)

Well, it gets worse:

It seems that the builder didn’t even know that there was a well on the property. It was in a shed with a padlock and he just never bothered to see what was there, till the EPD issued a letter saying that he must abandon the well according to EPD guidelines. Although he didn’t have any intention to use the well, he thought he aught to call in an expert.

Rather than ruining a potentially great water source, we decided to see if it might be useful as a feature for the future residents to decide whether and how to use.

Right now, it’s in this deep and creepy old concrete vault, so it’ll require some work to get it to a point that it’ll be safe and compliant, but we’ll be able to help, and the investors have a bonus selling feature on this property that buyers in high-priced municipal water districts like this should LOVE!

This tricky situation may just have turned into a treat!

A cover of pallets is pulled back to reveal a truly frightening decayed vault.

A cover of pallets is pulled back to reveal a truly frightening decayed vault.



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