Annual Well Inspections

The National Groundwater Association recommends that all well owners perform an annual inspection on their water system.

A WellCheck will alert you of any immediate concerns, and performing it at regular intervals will establish benchmarks for water quality and system performance that will inform you of trending issues that may or may not require attention.

Miller Well Drilling WellCheck service is a 23-point inspection that meets or exceeds all recommended services, and is part of our Managed WellCare Program.

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In every service, we not only perform a drawdown/ recovery test, we also test the water quality.  Beyond that, we do a barrage of electrical tests to be sure the pump motor is operating within tolerances, and do a variety of other plumbing and electrical checks to give you the most complete picture of your water system possible in an afternoon service call.

Managed WellCare clients receive this service as one visit in their regular interval visits, and rest assure that all manufacturer’s warranties are extended to cover labor for as long as they keep their Certified Water Systems in our program.

Here’s a complete list of everything inspected in the WellCheck Service:

  • Tank Pressure
  • Wiring Integrity, Ohms test for insulation resistance, Electrical Grounding Tests
  • Static Water Level Check
  • Verify Primary Power, Pump Motor and Winding tests, AMP draw testing
  • Pressure Gauge Check, Pressure Switch Operation, Pressure Switch Setting
  • Leak Test
  • Cartridge or Housing Filter Check
  • Well and Pump Tag Verification
  • Well Recovery Check -Drawdown Test
  • Quality Analysis: -Iron-pH-Hardness-TDS-Bacteria

Any items that are found out of tolerance are adjusted as needed, and our clients are left with the assurance that their water system will give them another year’s reliable service.


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