Miller Well Drilling offers a low “per-foot” price, or our Guaranteed Water* program, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your water system, whatever your need.

  • Our Lead Driller Perry Reece has been with Miller Well Drilling since 1984
  • Casing is grouted from the bedrock to the surface, virtually eliminating any chance of surface water inclusion
  • Certified, licensed and bonded to perform all well construction applications in Georgia and North Carolina
  • Low interest rate financing available through Southeast Rural Community Assistance


  • Pump Service

    Miller Well Drilling is proud to offer durable, high quality pump and plumbing products from manufacturers that have been tested and proven over the years. Read More>>

  • Well Construction

    Our Lead Driller Perry Reece has been with Miller Well Drilling since 1984. His experience in all types of overburden and with a huge variety of borehole and setup situations means he has literally ‘seen it all’ and knows how to keep the job on task, in budget, and out of trouble. Read More>>

  • Filtration

    Miller Well Drilling is proud to offer our own unique brand of filters for Iron removal, Sulfur or rotten egg smell, and Hard Water.

    Read More>>


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